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Al Dar Al Malaki was established in March 2014 and with the years, we continue to grow and enhance the flavors of the traditional Emirati food that we serve to our beloved customers. Our aim is not just to be the provider of the best Arabic cuisines in Dubai, but to disseminate the taste of authentic Emirati food with a creative modern twist, along with the Emirati identity, not only in GCC, but worldwide. Our passion in work is the ambassador for this mission to disseminate the Emirati kitchen internationally.

Each of our traditional cuisines carry stories that have been passed on for ages, yet are still kept alive in the hearts and minds of the Emirati people as we only use the best, carefully selected, high-quality ingredients in preparing the food we serve. To top that, our secret spices will definitely keep our name embarked on everyone as they take each bite of our finest dishes.

“We are happy to let you know what you are eating because we know what we are cooking.”